We invite you to get in touch with us personally in our information suite and to join DirecTech Labs CEO Michel Bayan's workshop about Personalization in Direct Selling at the DSA Annual Meeting 2019


Meet us Personally 

Are you ready for a 4-7% lift in revenue from a system that’s already performing in 85 countries and 24 languages? 

DirecTech Labs CEO, Michel Bayan, will be hosting an information suite throughout the DSA conference and would love to get in touch with you. 

In a 15-20 minute meeting he will create a free customized business case for you on how we can grow your revenue. 


Join our Workshop 

Michel Bayan will be hosting a workshop on competing with gigs and e-commerce using personalization along with NuSkin’s CTO Vince Perfetti.

Companies like Uber and Amazon have proven that creating a personalized experience for customers and reps is the key to competing in the modern marketplace. We’ll show you how to use true personalization in direct selling. 

"Competing with Gigs and e-Commerce: The Age of Personalization"

Michel Bayan, CEO DirecTech Labs
& Vince Perfetti, CTO Nu Skin Enterprises 

When?    Monday, June 3 2019, 11am-noon
Where?   Room 203-204; DSA Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas